Our team of experienced paralegals can help you resolve disputes through mediation. Sometimes going to trial is a waste of time and money which is why a Paralegal will always encourage you to settle if the terms are favorable. However, the decision is up to you! As a paralegal, we will provide recommendations but the ultimate decision is up to you.

In matters of dispute, mediation is a powerful tool as it helps both parties come to an agreement on different terms. In our experience, we found that mediation is an effective method of resolving problems. Going through the process of civil trial or Tribunal procedure can be exhausting. Sometimes the problem can simply be resolved in a conversation.

Mediation has many advantages and the main one being that both sides can find an amicable and agreeable ground to stand on. As long as both parties have an equal balance of power, mediation does work. Typically, if one side has greater financial resources, they prefer to litigate as they know that the other side does not have any monetary means to defend their position. At Prudent Paralegal Services, we want both parties to come to an agreed upon resolution as most disputes can be resolved this way.

In our experience, we know that some matters cannot be resolved through dialogue. If the matter cannot be resolved, be assured that a paralegal from Prudent Paralegals Toronto will diligently and tirelessly fight your case to get you the best outcome possible.