Prudent Paralegals Toronto was founded in the year 2019. Our goal was to provide prudent and competent legal services. We hold ourselves to a high standard and always exceed the expectations of our clients.

Who Am I?

I am a graduate from Sheridan College with a Paralegal Diploma. I graduated in the year 2019 and decided to open my own practice. I have my P1 license and am licenced to practise as a Paralegal. Paralegals were authorized to provide legal services under the Law Society Act.

What is a Paralegal?

  • Paralegals are authorized to provide legal services in certain areas of practise
  • Paralegals are required to pass a provincial licensing exam (P1 exam) in order to ensure that a high standard is met
  • Paralegals are required to have both substantive and procedural knowledge. Substantive knowledge deals with legal concepts and procedural knowledge deals with the process of the legal system.
  • Paralegals are allowed to prcatise independently